Refund policy

A customer once chooses to subscribe for a course on Drona website and/or android and/or iOS Apps understand and agree with the payment Terms & Conditions of Drona

Customer has option to choose among several type of Courses, Top up packages and extension features during the time of registration/ activation of its account or at a later stage, depending upon their need and wish.

Once service/s is/are selected and payment is done successfully, Drona will not refund any payment to any member for any reason whatsoever . However, in the case of account activation or service activation error on Drona’s part, we can be contact following which the error will be rectified or the money will be refunded if the issue cannot be resolved.

The money transactions are done through a Third-Party Website/Platform. Under this transaction, the Payments Terms & Conditions would be governed by the Partner Website and would be applicable to Drona members as well.